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I am a creature from Finland, who loves clothing, movies and comic books. Other things I like are spiders, coffee, cats, chocolate, sushi, manga, Dragon Age, Fable, Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect, Kingdoms of Amalur, sauna, miso soup, sewing and drawing.
At the moment I am studying in bussiness school... but during nights I fight cri... sleep.


Robot Chicken DC Comics Special

tough son of a bitch. didn’t think he’d be up yet

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1. I have a sweet tooth… I mean really.. a sweet tooth. I have given up on adding sugar to my coffee with a spoon, I just pour it in… And I get really hissy if I don’t get sugar during a day. (if I have addiction, it is sugar)

2. I study bussiness and wish one day to go as a transfer student to Japan or China… which is why I have not yet done my other dream : getting a cat.

3. I am accident prone. My greatest achievements have been: hit by a car… twice, roll down escalating stairs, thrown off of horse’s back… and it is my annual winter sport to land on my bum… alot.

4. I try to avoid using the word hate, and rather just say that I don’t like something. Hate is too strong word for my liking.

5. I am horrible at making decisions. I always want to be absolutely sure, and also I am afraid that what ever I decide… I might regret later.
So taking me to a pick’n’mix candy store would be a huge… mistake.

I tag: nutellasama, cloudia329, sheogorathsqueen, dalishqueen, elespectro, enkiz, paainfully, kepral, naxoxhide, balverine. roboticsunflower

That’s horrible.

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